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M O'Toole Trailers

M-TEC 8FT x 5FT Tipping Trailer

M-TEC 8FT x 5FT Tipping Trailer

Introducing our latest offering, the 8x5ft Tipping Trailer from M.O’Toole Trailers. Crafted to endure the most demanding tasks, this trailer is meticulously engineered for durability and strength. Its robust, fully welded, and galvanised chassis guarantees maximum resilience and safety, making it an ideal choice for construction, agricultural, and landscaping industries.

Equipped with a Knott 2.7 Tonne coupling head and top-of-the-line Knott brakes, this tipping trailer ensures secure hauling. Enhanced visibility and safety are ensured with E-Marked LED lights, including two marker lights, four reflectors, and a number plate light. What sets our trailer apart is the use of 5 leaf springs, providing exceptional flexibility to absorb road shocks, ensuring a smooth ride, minimizing wear and tear, and maintaining stability on bumpy terrains.

Additionally, M-TEC 8x5ft Tipping Trailer offers optional extras like 6FT Ramps, Hinged Mesh Sides, and a Ladder Rack, allowing you to tailor your trailer to meet specific requirements. 

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