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Ifor Williams HB506 Horsebox Trailer

Ifor Williams HB506 Horsebox Trailer

M O Toole Trailers takes pride in showcasing one of the most sought-after trailers in the Ifor Williams lineup, a consistent top seller at M O Toole for many years. The HB506 Double Horsebox Trailer model is designed to accommodate two horses up to 16.2hh. These HB506 double horsebox models are equipped with a pair of side windows and a generously sized front inspection window, ensuring ample natural light within the trailer.

Introducing the Mark 2 Horsebox trailer range, proudly brought to you by M O Toole Trailers in collaboration with Ifor Williams Trailers. The Mark 2 series boasts several notable upgrades for enhanced performance and longevity. With a sturdy metal front panel and a one-piece roof supported by a robust galvanized frame structure throughout, you can expect exceptional durability. Notable improvements over the older HB505 and HB510 models include a reinforced frame over the groom's door, which used to experience issues, especially with the larger HB510 model. We've replaced the previous two-piece metal and fiberglass roof with a seamless, leak-proof design. Enjoy a larger front window and a lockable groom's door, along with a brighter interior that creates a more spacious feel. In particular, the HB506 model now offers 6 inches more height and 1 inch more width than the HB505, providing extra room for larger animals, while the HB511 is 1 inch wider than the previous HB510 model.

Key Features:

These substantial trailers are slightly narrower, making them perfect for maneuvering through rural tracks and lanes. The TA5 6' and 7' variants come in body lengths of 8', 10', 12', and 14'. The 8' and 10' versions offer a maximum gross weight of 2700kg, while the heavy-duty 12' version supports up to 3500kg. Equipped with a grip-faced aluminum planking covered rear ramp and a ramp assistor, these trailers are ready for various tasks. Further details on available accessories can be found in the Accessories tab.

Built to Last:

M O Toole Trailers takes pride in delivering trailers built to withstand the test of time. Our trailers feature a galvanized steel chassis and drawbar, ensuring exceptional corrosion protection. Paired with high-strength, impact-resistant aluminum side panels, these trailers often outlive the vehicles that tow them. The distinctive steel roof channels on braked models provide a sturdy and rigid frame. The flooring consists of thick pressure-treated timber planking, protected by 2mm thick slip-resistant aluminum tread plate.

Stability When Towing:

All our braked trailers are equipped with the exclusive Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf spring suspension system. This system, developed and refined for a safe and stable ride, is widely used in commercial vehicles where load performance is critical. Renowned for its durability and ease of maintenance, the Ifor Williams beam axle system significantly contributes to the low depreciation of our trailers. Trust in stability and reliability when you choose M O Toole Trailers for your hauling needs.

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